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The Portable Head

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The Portable Head is a quarterly fortnight-at-a-glance calendar from Wonderella Printed. Its first issue was published in the fall of 2001, quarterly issues have been distributed ever since. Long unavailable through the Wonderella website, The Portable Head has returned and is ready to help you organize your days.

Each issue of The Portable Head features intriguing cover art either from new artists or from classic painters and illustrators. The pages inside include space for writing daily itineraries and make note of full and new moons.

Because of the calendar’s quarterly frequency, readers can start or stop using The Portable Head at any time during the year.

The Portable Head is printed pocket size, or 4.25 inches x 7 inches.

Subscriptions to The Portable Head cost $15 for four quarterly issues. Please indicate whether you would like to begin your subscription with the current or upcoming issue.

Click any of the cover images below for a closer look.

The Portable Head n.56 - Click for larger image.

July through September 2015. On the cover: Ferdinand Lured by Ariel (1850), by John Everett Millais (b.1829–d.1896).

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